Phillips Octobox Mixed Tall Can - 8x473ml

PhIllips Brewing & Malting

Phillips Octobox Mixed Tall Can

4 Summer Favorites all in one pack: Mojo Mango Orange Gose, Solaris White Peach Ale, Glitterbomb Hazy Pale Ale, and Tiger Shark Citra Pale Ale.

SOLARIS WHITE PEACH ALE | Solaris boasts crisp flavours of peaches and apricots, with a lemony aroma on the nose!

GLITTERBOMB HAZY PALE ALE | This hazy pale ale explodes with lush citrus and juicy fruit notes that sparkle across your palate.

MOJO MANGO ORANGE GOSE | A blast of fresh mango and orange juice, with a tart, salty and flavourful Gose that will be sure to elevate your mojo.

TIGER SHARK PALE ALE | Tiger Shark is a tropical alpha beast packed with juicy fruit hop flavour without the bitter bite.


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