9 Non Alcoholic Drinks to Enjoy in 2022

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After a busy holiday season filled with a few extra happy hours and a fresh year ahead of us, now may feel like the right time to start exploring new things…even non alcoholic things.

It might be easy enough for you to swap out the occasional glass of wine for water or a post-work beer for a walk around the block, but what happens in more social settings? Does opting for a non-alcoholic drink mean that weekends are off the table? With the rapid growth and innovation within the non alcoholic, or NoLo (no & low alcohol) beverage industry, the answer is absolutely not!

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With over half of consumers reaching for a nonalcoholic drink during their "Dry January" post-resolution month, you'll find a few more folks at the New Years party opting for NoLo! If you’ve been curious about trying some new non alcoholic options or are looking to expand your bar selection, you’ve come to the right place.

NoLo drinks have become very impressive as of late, with an incredible range of choices to satisfy all tastes and lifestyle preferences. There is no longer a need to sacrifice complexity, quality, flavour, or the ambiance you feel when sipping on your favourite cocktail, beer, or wine.

Whether you’re a wine lover, beer connoisseur, or cocktail aficionado, and looking to reduce your alcohol intake, we’ve got some great options for you!

For the Wine Lover


Noughty Organic Sparkling Wine Nonalcohlic bottle

Noughty Organic Sparkling

Vegan, organic, crisp and apple-y, with just a touch of sweetness, this non alcoholic bubbly is bursting with fun and life.

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Oddbird Spumante Non-alcoholic prosecco wine bottle

Oddbird Spumante

For the Prosecco lover, this non-alcoholic sparkling wine will be a new favourite. It is creamy and aromatic with fresh notes of apple, pear, melon, and flowers.

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For the Beer & Cider Connoisseur


Hazy Pale Ale iOTA Philips brewery 4 pack of beer

Phillips iOTA Hazy IPA

Bursting with citrus and fruity notes and only slightly bitter, this tropical non alcoholic IPA is made for all occasions.

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Philips iOTA nonalcoholic beer pilsner 4 pack of cans

Phillips iOTA Pilsner

Light bodied, malty, and smooth. A classic German Pilsner flavour without the alcohol.

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Biere Sans Alcool Tropical Sour beer

Bière Sans Alcool Tropical Sour

A ‘not too sour’ non-alcoholic sour beer that is smooth, ultra fruity, and with the just the right amount of tartness.

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Sea Cider Temperance Bonnie nonalcoholic cider bottle

Sea Cider Temperance Bonnie

A semisweet treat for cider lovers looking to cutback, this sparkling juice is made from a blend of local blackberries and apples, with the perfect balance of tart and sweet flavours.

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For the Cocktail Aficionado


Clever Mojito non alcoholic drink

Clever Mojito

With pungent mint, lime, and dark rum aromas, you’ll barely notice this cocktail is non alcoholic!

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Lumette London Dry nonalcoholic spirit

Lumette London Dry

This non-alcoholic spirit is the perfect alternative to a classic London Dry Gin, with great versatility for endless cocktail creations.

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Lumette Bright Light nonalcoholic spirit

Lumette Bright Light

A non-alcoholic spin on an aromatic spirit featuring refreshing botanical notes of juniper, orange peel, mint, cucumber, and wild rose. An excellent alternative to contemporary gins and more flavourful vodkas.

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