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Westland Distillery Single Malt Whiskey

Inspired by a Bourbon Master

Imagine a whisky with enough personality to stand up and tell its own story. Cascadia Liquor's single cask selection from Westland Distillery is just that. Audacious and singular. This is the first in a program of single barrel whisky releases that are as unique as a fingerprint and we are so excited to share them with you

"In this program, we will search for great casks from top distillers. When we find something interesting we will share it exactly as we find it," explains Jay Jordan, the Victoria Area Manager at Cascadia. "Every barrel is a unique expression of the whisky making process. It reflects the true artistry behind it."

For the inaugural release Cascadia has partnered with Seattle-based Westland Distillery. For the past 15 years Westland has taken a distinct regional approach to making whisky. They have explored the flavor potential through every aspect of whisky production. The team at Westland work with Skagit valley farmers for local grain and maltings. They have an extensive program to source sustainable Garryana oak for barrel making. They have even found a regional peat bog where they are sourcing peat for some of their whiskies. 

Westland Distilleries American Single Cask Whiskey Poured by local Master of Bourbon, Jay Jordan

Jay Jordan stands beside a barrel with a bottle of Westland American Single Cask Whiskey resting on top. Two images side-by-side, the image on the left is a close-up detail of the bottle from Westland and the image on the right is of Jay Jordan

Westland Distillery is a leader in creating an American Single Malt Whisky category. This is a new standard of identity for American whisky that is in the final stages of approval. This category recognizes a distinctive approach to making single malt whisky. Westland has taken a style of whisky with Scottish and Irish roots and created something new. A reflection of the region we call home.

The whisky Cascadia has chosen is from Cask No. 1759. The grain bill is Westland's signature blend of five roasted and kilned barley malts. Belgian brewer's yeast contributes to the fruit and spice flavors in this spirit. Eight years in a first fill Madeira wine cask have given this whisky a mix of coffee, dark chocolate and dried fruit flavors.

As a Master of Bourbon in Canada, and a Member of the Council of Whiskey Masters, Jay provides insight on this cask. “It features aromas of baked apple that open to rich toffee, dark chocolate and wood spice.” notes Jay. “This is a complex and expressive spirit showcasing both grain and wood. Fruit and spice aromas from the Madeira cask are balanced against a creamy malt character.”

This whiskey is an excellent addition to your personal collection, or a gift for the whiskey aficionado in your life. No matter what your preferred whiskey style is, Cascadia is sure to have a bottle that will delight. They invest heavily in employee education, and their educated and service-focused staff are always able to provide the best recommendations.


Westland American Style Single Malt Whiskey Bottle


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