Westland Madeira Cask Cascadia Exclusive - 700mL

Westland Distillery

Westland Madeira Cask Cascadia Exclusive

The whisky Cascadia has chosen is from Cask No. 1759. The grain bill is Westland's signature blend of five roasted and kilned barley malts. Belgian brewer's yeast contributes to the fruit and spice flavors in this spirit. Eight years in a first fill Madeira wine cask have given this whisky a mix of coffee, dark chocolate and dried fruit flavors. Each sip is a journey through the artistry of American whiskey-making, with every bottle reflecting the dedication and craftsmanship of the distillers.

“It features aromas of baked apple that open to rich toffee, dark chocolate and wood spice.” notes Jay, our resident Master of Bourbon. “This is a complex and expressive spirit showcasing both grain and wood. Fruit and spice aromas from the Madeira cask are balanced against a creamy malt character.”



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