The Okanagan: Canada's Most Diverse Wine Region

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There’s still plenty of time for another summer adventure! Head up to the Okanagan Valley for a first-class wine tour and see firsthand how diverse this amazing region truly is.

Although the Okanagan only has two official sub-appellations – ‘Golden Mile’ and ‘Okanagan Falls’ – it has a wide range of regions that showcase a variety of terroir and style. We’ve selected a few favourite wines from a few favourite sub-regions to get you started before you hit the road!




  • Soils in Kelowna are heavier than elsewhere in the valley, based on sandy loam, clay and limestone.
  • The coast mountain range protects vineyards in this region from the Vancouver rain.
  • Riesling is one of the top grapes in this northern region due to its similar latitudinal range to Germany.
Cedar Creek Riesling

Try: Cedar Creek Riesling

Bright and focused citrus acidity balances out its sweet stone fruits.

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  • The soils are a mixture of sand, silt, and clay that provide ample nutrients and water retention for easy farming.
  • Nestled in the south-east end of Okanagan Lake, Naramata Bench benefits from lake-side breezes, which keep summer temperatures cool and help protect the vines from damaging frosts and molds.
Cedar Creek Riesling

Try: Poplar Grove Merlot

Classically Okanagan with velvety tannins + notes of sage & cherry notes.

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  • Sandy soils that cover the bedrock aid in effectively draining water.
  • BC’s first official sub-appellation and one of the most southerly growing regions in the province.
  • To the north sits basalt faced McIntyre Bluff, which blocks wind, making the region hot and dry.
  • Osoyoos lake on the south end moderates the temperature, keeping the vines from scorching in the summer and freezing in the winter.
Cedar Creek Riesling

Try: Tinhorn Creek The Creek

A bordeaux blend of mostly cabernet sauvignon featuring dark berry flavours and a spicy finish.


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