Uncle Nearest 1884 Tennessee Whiskey - 750mL

Uncle Nearest

Uncle Nearest 1884 Tennessee Whiskey

Uncle Nearest is a new Tennessee whiskey made to honor Nathan "Nearest" Green. Nearest Green was an African-American former slave who taught Jack Daniel how to make whiskey. Not only did he teach him how to distill he also taught him the Lincoln County Process. The Lincoln County Process is the practice of sugar maple charcoal filtering new make spirit that distinguishes Tennessee Whiskey from bourbon. While Jack Daniel would go on to establish one of the world's most well known whiskey brands the story of Nathan Green was nearly lost to history. The 1884 Small Batch bottling is named for the year Mr. Green is believed to have last filled barrels with whiskey. This is a light and approachable Tennessee whiskey. Predominant flavors are cinnamon sugar with maple sugar and some herbal notes.This is the perfect whisky for someone with a taste for history and Tennessee whiskey.


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