The Manhattan: A Classic & Easy Cocktail Recipe

Posted by Jay Jordan on

The Manhattan is one of the most popular classic cocktails. It's a simple drink to make, but provides a lot of room for creativity. With just 3 ingredients, you can create a delicious cocktail that will impress your friends and...

3 Hot Beverages for the Holidays

Posted by Jay Jordan on

The sweetest way to warm up on a cool West Coast winter day is hot chocolate! We took other cocktails like the local favourite shaft and jam packed it with decadent whip topping and a dollop of ice cream. Enjoy these...

4 New Ways to Enjoy The Old Fashioned

Posted by Jay Jordan on

The Old Fashioned formula is pretty simple. It has three ingredients, if you don’t count ice. Spirit, bitters and sugar. It could be any spirit, and that's why it's a great formula to play with. Change up this classic cocktail...

Summon El Diablo Cocktail for Halloween!

Posted by Jay Jordan on

El Diablo is perfect cocktail for the season. It is a tequila based drink which means it has all those funky earthy and vegetal flavours that are great for fall. That is balanced with blood red berry flavour in the...

Cascadia's Thanksgiving Recipe Twists & Wine Pairings

Posted by Ann Brydle on

We think the best way to spend Thanksgiving is by sharing home-cooked meals with our closest friends and family. This year we’re opening up our Cascadia Family Cookbook to share a few of our tried and tested recipes, from our...
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